Garden is a group of artisans making the real & digital world a better place. We recently opened 'The Garden' our ambitious  project, aimed at disrupting multiple industries as a startup incubator. 

The Garden aims to  fund innovation, with startups who meet the highest standards of verified, overall social & environmental performance, public transparency, and accountability.

Our introduction to the public will be through the Garden token a digital asset running on top of the Ethereum blockchain. 

Garden token is geared towards positive change, and will be used on the Garden App ('A mobile crypto exchange')

and the Garden Platform ('A freelancer marketplace')

We believe the critical factors to our evolution as a species are curiosity, compassion & creativity.

As technology evolves we will be able to tackle larger problems, and provide better & more robust dapps to use with the Garden Token. 

Garden Token               

Our Projects


Garden Incubator 



 Pre ICO


Garden Incubator

Beyond a co-working space.

Garden Located on Bowery NY. Is the first of its kind. Where you can use crypto to rent a workspace, purchase food, etc.. 

Garden is your premier tool in recruitment, retention, innovation, and collaboration.

With a one of a kind crypto currency and  platform that builds community & inspires innovation. 

Lets rethink how we use our crypto-currency, with a focus on simplicity, ease & experience.