The GARDEN token is initially being offered on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token.

Which will be the token for the Garden Platform & Garden app.


Garden facilitates payments for freelancers, small businesses, & individuals through the Garden Platform & the Garden app. 

As soon as the Garden Platform is operational, these ERC-20 tokens can be seamlessly converted to Garden network tokens, and will continue to be able to flow freely back and forth between two blockchains.


Artwork :Jason Benjamin 


Frequently asked questions


What are Garden Tokens?

Vegan token is the token of Garden.Cash Platform. The GARDEN token is initially being offered on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 token. ​As soon as the Vegan network is operational, these ERC-20 tokens can be seamlessly converted to GARDEN network tokens, and will continue to be able to flow freely back and forth between these two blockchains. Holders of Vegan tokens will be able to register as Continuous Contributors(MasterNodes) to the Platform and receive a share of Funds’ tokens that operate on the Platform. Also, Continuous Contributors will have the right to participate in “members-only” discussions regarding the Platform strategy and development plan.
Those Contributors who want to be qualified as Investment Managers and manage funds on the Platform are required to own a specified number of Garden's.

What are proceeds to GARDEN holders?

Garden holders registered as Continuous Contributors (MasterNodes) to the Platform will receive a share of all Funds’ tokens that operate on the Platform in exchange for execution of their roles. The sources of the proceeds are Structuring and promotion fee from the new funds created on the platform, Maintenance fees and Transaction fees from the existing funds.

Who are Continuous Contributors?

Continuous contributors are the Garden holders, who perform staking for extended periods of time, & specific roles related to the continuous platform development. One of the main roles that will be available is that of an Investment Advisor who manages tokenized investment funds created on the platform. Other roles will include platform promoters, investment analysts, legal advisors, public auditors. A full list of roles will be publicly available and updated as needed to reflect the current needs of the platform’s development. We plan to introduce more than ten different roles to provide both common and professional holders with the means to participate in the Platform’s development.

How can I register as a Continuous Contributor?

To register as a Continuous Contributor the holder of Garden tokens can choose the role that she/he is willing to execute as a contributor to the Platform and stake Garden on their wallet. The registration will be available on the website once the platform is launched.

Is the number of Garden tokens fixed?

Yes. The number of Garden's is fixed.


How much will be raised and what was the ICO price?

Garden - hard cap of $9 million. The price of 1 Garden was $ 0.01

Are there any bonuses or discounts for ICO participants?

The total amount of promos is 5% of the total tokens supply. Users looking to contribute amounts in excess of $25,000 can reach out for bonuses.

When will ICO be held?

It will commence Jan 15th 2018


On what exchanges will Garden be traded?

EtherDelta. Will be the first.

Does Garden have plans for other exchanges in the near future?

We are be doing our best to increase our market presence, including exchanges.

Are there any reviews on the historical trading results?

Yes, we publish updates.


What is GARDEN?

GARDEN * Is a collective working on the following projects GARDEN.Cash which consists of GARDEN Tokens, GARDEN App & The GARDEN Platform. The Garden a NYC based startup incubator which helps fund Earth friendly startups

What is the Garden?

The Incubator will be in done at our NYC location 'The Garden' which provides seed funding for startups. Seed funding is the earliest stage of venture funding. It pays your expenses while you’re getting started.
We will be releasing a mobile wallet & crypto currency named 'Garden'

How do I apply?

To apply to join the Garden startups at our NYC location E-Mail us @ We fund startups in batches. We aim to do 1-2 batches of 3-5 startups ~annuanly

Dont see your question

reach out to our team contact us

What is the Garden App?

Garden.App is a peer-to-peer digital platform & wallet that enables you to easily send Gardens tokens & crypto to your friends, co-workers, employees, etc.. Fiat Friendly, Crypto Currencies.

What is Garden Platform?

A platform that connects employers with freelancers. Providing cost-saving benefits allowing you to easily hire freelancers, & presenting an opportunity to reach talent from around the world, on a trusted network.

The GARDEN token is the fundamental method of interaction within the Garden network and its primary currency, powering:



Development of applications on Garden requires the use of GARDEN tokens to access the resources. 


(e.g.) Payments for services rendered.

Collaborative projects with commission splits.


POS MasterNodes

Masternodes allow the decentralized use of servers, that can generate an income to the owner.